5 Best Windows 10 Apps to Use in 2021

Microsoft always tries to get in the best of applications available in the store. There are various apps in the Store which you may be unaware of, but they are very helpful ones. It’s always good to know the best available, something which is appropriate, gives high performance and enhances the experience by using the latest technology. Hence, we have selected some of the finest apps with great features, terrific reviews, and outstanding efficacy. 

Top 5 Applications for Windows 10

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is a substitute for applications like one drive and Google drive. It is extremely trending as well as used apps in recent years. It helps its users in uploading and transferring files to the cloud. It has various features and can be accessed offline as well through various devices. It automatically also generates backups of your account to restore your data. It also has a feature that helps in synchronizing your mobile camera and uploads all the photos on the cloud, which makes it easier to have data when you buy new devices. The free app allows you to have a basic plan of 2GB and for further increasing storage there are a variety of plans available. You can choose according to your requirements at minimal costs.

  • Duolingo

It is never too late to gain knowledge and learn a new language. You can learn if you are planning a foreign trip or want to enhance your learning skills in a language. With Duolingo, you can every day learn something new in a different language. It has various languages like Spanish, German, French, etc. You can learn by accessing it wherever you wish to. It has interesting and different methods of teaching through which you won’t ever get bored and also learn more. It gives the learner small targets to achieve and keep progressing in the language. With its quizzes, you can also test your learning of the language. It is best in the category of language learning apps. It is free software with no hidden fees or ads.

  • VLC

VLC is the best multimedia player one can find for their PC. It has great clarity and is an easy-to-use app. It has been seen to be popular these days compared to other media players available. It is full of amazing features and has been trusted by its large number of users for years. It can play any file from a pen drive or disc or network streaming platform. It also helps in converting files to various formats. One can also add on more features by VLC add ons and extensions.

  • Office 365

With the growing digital era, one needs different applications for various purposes like making documents, datasheets, presentations, and many more. Office 365 is a one-stop app with various other apps present in it which are extremely useful. Apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and more are present. It is a trusted app for users for decades now and has the latest features. Even though the application is paid, but, one would not mind paying for such an application that helps in all dimensions of work and is easy to learn as well as access. 

  • Adobe Photoshop Express

It is never bad to enhance your photos with some editing and make them look better. Editing photos is not always a hectic job and you do not need help from professionals for small tasks like enhancing your social media profile. To use an app by adobe you need to pay for access to Adobe suite. With adobe photoshop’s express version now one can edit your photos by just downloading the application and start editing. This application allows basic editing of images. It also has some special effects like corrections. It is free editing software and is available on Microsoft 10. You just need to build an Adobe Id and you can access the application.

Windows has various apps across different fields, but it is always better to use the best after researching them. Above are some of the most recommended apps by the customers for Windows 10. These apps provide the best quality in their respective fields.


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