Deasia Watkins Accused of Decapitating 3-Month-Old Daughter

Deasia Watkins, an Ohio mother, was charged with murder after authorities found that she decapitated her 3-month-old baby. She was sentenced to 15 years to life in jail on Thursday after pleading guilty to the death of Jayniah Watkins in March 2015.

Watkins was previously diagnosed with postpartum psychosis and her counsel stated that she was receiving medication to treat the disease. On the day of the tragedy, police responded to a 911 call and discovered the beheaded infant on the kitchen counter of an aunt who was temporarily caring for the child. The baby had been stabbed multiple times with a large chef’s knife and had a broken arm. According to authorities, Watkins had placed the knife in the infant’s hand.

The county prosecutor, Joe Deters, stated that Watkins appeared to be suffering from “severe mental disorders” when police discovered her in a blood-splattered bed at her aunt’s house. Watkins was considered a threat to her child and had been “acting crazy” and talking about devils, which led to the baby being placed in the temporary care of an aunt. The aunt was warned by authorities to keep the mother away from the child unless social workers were present.

According to court documents, Watkins was judged unfit to be near the child unless she took prescribed medication. However, social workers were unaware that the mother had allegedly moved into the aunt’s home a week before the slaying. This tragedy highlights the importance of proper monitoring and support for those suffering from postpartum psychosis and the need for better communication between social workers and the families they serve.

In light of this case, some have criticized the lack of attention and resources dedicated to mental health and addiction treatment in the country. The child’s death is the second beheading in the Cincinnati area in less than three months and serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for better support systems for those struggling with mental illness.

It’s important to note that while postpartum psychosis and drug addiction may have played a role in Watkins’ actions, the brutal and senseless killing of a defenseless infant is a tragedy that should never have occurred. The focus should be on ensuring that those in need receive the proper support and treatment to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future.

Source: CBC, WP

Written by Alex McCurthy

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