Harry Potter, the beloved protagonist of the eponymous book series, was recently locked in his bedroom by his uncle Vernon. This came after Uncle Vernon learned that Harry was not allowed to use magic outside of school.

The reason for Uncle Vernon’s strict punishment is due to his deal with the Masons. Uncle Vernon had promised the Masons that Harry would not use magic outside of school, and when he found out that Harry had done so, he was furious. He felt that Harry had ruined his deal with the Masons and thus decided to lock him in his bedroom as punishment.

Harry was not happy about being locked in his bedroom and felt that his uncle was being too harsh. He tried to reason with his uncle, but Uncle Vernon was adamant that Harry had to be punished for his actions.

The incident has sparked a debate among fans of the Harry Potter series. Some argue that Uncle Vernon was right to punish Harry for his actions, while others feel that the punishment was too severe.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, it is clear that Harry was locked in his bedroom as a result of his uncle’s anger over his use of magic outside of school. It is also clear that Harry was not happy about the punishment and felt that it was too harsh.

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