On April 09, 2022, Amber Heard’s friend, iO Tillett Wright, was thrown out of the Fairfax, Virginia courtroom during the trial between Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. The incident occurred after Wright was caught tweeting and texting from the front row, which is designated for attorneys.

Depp’s attorneys had noticed Wright’s behavior and asked the judge to take action. The judge then asked Wright to leave the courtroom, which she did without protest. After being asked to leave, Wright took to Twitter to express her frustration, saying, “I was just thrown out of the courtroom for tweeting and texting. This is ridiculous.”

The incident has sparked debate over whether or not it is appropriate for someone to be tweeting and texting from the courtroom. While some argue that it is disrespectful to the court and should not be allowed, others believe that it is a form of free speech and should be allowed.

Regardless of the opinion, it is clear that the judge in the case felt that Wright’s behavior was inappropriate and had to be dealt with. While it is unclear what the repercussions of the incident will be, it is likely that Wright will face some sort of punishment for her actions.

Overall, the incident serves as a reminder that it is important to respect the court and its proceedings. While some may feel that tweeting and texting from the courtroom is a form of free speech, it is important to remember that the courtroom is a place of order and respect and should be treated as such.

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