The popular French streaming service Deezer is not available in India, despite its growing popularity in other countries. This is due to the Indian government’s strict regulations on the content of foreign services.

India has long been known for its conservative views on media content, and the government has strict rules on what can and cannot be shown. This includes music streaming services, which must adhere to certain guidelines in order to be allowed in the country. Deezer has not been able to meet these requirements, and as a result, it is not available in India.

In addition, the Indian authorities for some reason believe that any Western music or video service carries a set of messages that is unacceptable to the Indian mentality. Therefore, the authorities officially do not allow not only the French streaming service, but also its colleagues into the local market.

This is a major setback for Deezer, as India is one of the world’s largest music markets. The country has a huge population of music lovers, and Deezer would have been able to tap into this market if it had been allowed in.

Unfortunately, it looks like Deezer will not be available in India anytime soon. The Indian government is unlikely to change its stance on foreign streaming services, and Deezer will have to look for other markets to expand into.