On 8 November 2000, the world was witness to a spectacular feat of magic when magician P.C. Sorcar made the Taj Mahal disappear. The feat was performed in Kachhpura in Agra, India, and lasted for two minutes.

Sorcar is a renowned magician and illusionist who has been performing since the 1950s. He is the son of the legendary magician P.C. Sorcar Sr., and has been credited with popularizing magic in India.

Sorcar’s trick at the Taj Mahal was part of a larger show he was performing at the time. He had a large crowd of spectators, including the then-Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Rajnath Singh.

The trick involved Sorcar standing in front of the Taj Mahal and waving his hands in the air. After a few seconds, the Taj Mahal vanished from sight. The crowd was left in awe and amazement.

Sorcar also made the Victoria Memorial disappear on the 300th anniversary of Calcutta, and vanished a train full of passengers before a large crowd at Bardhaman Junction, West Bengal, India in 1992.

Sorcar’s trick at the Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the most spectacular feats of magic ever performed. It was a testament to his skill and showmanship, and has been remembered and talked about ever since.

The feat of making the Taj Mahal disappear was a unique one, and it is a testament to Sorcar’s skill and ingenuity. He is a true master of the craft, and his trick at the Taj Mahal will be remembered for years to come.

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