Akriti, better known by her stage name “Pho”, is a female hip-hop artist who has been making waves in the Indian underground hip-hop community. She is one of the few female artists who has been able to make her voice heard in the Indian capital. With her bold and powerful lyrics, she has become known as the Queen of Hip-Hop in India.

Akriti was born and raised in Delhi, India. She started her career as a rapper in 2017, and has since released a number of singles and albums. Her music has been praised for its honest and thought-provoking lyrics, which tackle topics such as mental health, gender inequality, and racism. Her songs often feature her own experiences and struggles, making them relatable to her fans.

Akriti’s success has been hard-earned. She has faced numerous challenges, including sexism and discrimination, as she has tried to make her voice heard in the male-dominated hip-hop scene. Despite these obstacles, she has managed to establish herself as a respected artist and has been featured in various publications and radio shows.

Akriti has also become a role model for young female artists in India. She has used her platform to encourage other women to pursue their dreams and to fight for their rights. She has also been vocal about the need for more representation of female artists in the music industry.

Akriti’s success has been recognized by many. She has been nominated for several awards, including the “Best Female Rapper” award at the Indian Music Awards. She has also been featured in the “Top 10 Female Rappers in India” list by Rolling Stone India.

Akriti is an inspiration to many, and her music has resonated with people all over the world. She is a true pioneer in the Indian hip-hop scene, and her success has made her the Queen of Hip-Hop in India.

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