Amber Heard, the Aquaman star, recently welcomed a baby girl, Oonagh, into the world. While the details of the birth were reported by Hello! magazine, the identity of the baby’s father remains a mystery.

Heard has been romantically linked to tech mogul Elon Musk and actor James Franco, but she has not publicly revealed the identity of the father. In an interview with The Guardian, Heard shared that she is a single mother and is “beyond in love” with Oonagh. “I’m just the mum and the dad,” she said.

The identity of Oonagh’s father is likely to remain a mystery for the foreseeable future. While some speculate that Musk or Franco could be the father, Heard has not publicly confirmed either of these rumors.

Heard has been vocal about her desire to be a single mother, and she has made it clear that she is not interested in revealing the identity of the father. She has also made it clear that she is devoted to raising Oonagh on her own.

For now, it appears that the identity of Oonagh’s father will remain a mystery. However, it is clear that Heard is committed to being a loving and devoted mother to her daughter.

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