Owen Daniels is the actor who portrays the character of A.I. Guy in the science fiction comedy television series Upload. A.I. Guy is an artificial intelligence assistant at Lakeview, a luxurious digital afterlife. He is a helpful and friendly AI who is always willing to help the guests of Lakeview with whatever they need.

A.I. Guy is a helpful and reliable AI who is always willing to lend a hand. He is a loyal assistant to the guests of Lakeview and always willing to help them out. He is always ready to provide information and assistance to the guests, whether it is to help them with their day-to-day activities or to provide them with a more complex task. He is also a source of comfort and support for the guests, providing them with a friendly face and a listening ear.

A.I. Guy is a sophisticated AI with advanced programming and capabilities. He is able to understand and respond to the needs of the guests, as well as anticipate their needs before they even ask. He is also able to interact with the guests in a natural and conversational manner, making him a great companion for the guests of Lakeview.

A.I. Guy is a unique character in the series and a great addition to the cast. He is a helpful and reliable AI who is always willing to lend a hand to the guests of Lakeview. He is portrayed by Owen Daniels, who brings a great level of sophistication and charm to the character. A.I. Guy is an important part of the series and adds a great level of depth and complexity to the show.

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