: Kimberly Anne Scott

Eminem, one of the most successful and iconic rappers of all time, is married to Kimberly Anne Scott. The couple has had a tumultuous relationship, but they have been married twice.

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott first met in 1989 when they were both teenagers in Detroit. They had a daughter, Hailie, in 1995. The couple married in 1999, but the marriage ended in 2001 due to Eminem’s struggles with addiction and infidelity.

After their divorce, Eminem and Kimberly continued to have a tumultuous relationship. In 2006, Eminem proposed to Kimberly and they remarried in January of 2006. However, the marriage ended again in April of 2006.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Eminem and Kimberly remain close. In a 2017 interview, Eminem said that he and Kimberly are “on really good terms.” He also said that he has “a lot of love for her.”

Eminem and Kimberly have three children together: Hailie, Alaina, and Whitney. Hailie is Eminem’s biological daughter, while Alaina and Whitney are adopted. Eminem is a devoted father and often speaks about his children in his music.

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott have had a complicated relationship, but they remain close. Despite their ups and downs, Eminem is devoted to his children and has a lot of love for Kimberly.

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