Aunt Petunia Dursley is a major character in the Harry Potter series. She is the older sister of Harry Potter’s mother, Lily Potter, and the wife of Vernon Dursley. Petunia is also the mother of Dudley Dursley and the sister-in-law of Marge Dursley.

Petunia is portrayed as a cold and distant woman who does not show much affection towards her family. She is also very controlling and often tries to keep Harry from doing things that she believes are dangerous or inappropriate. Petunia is very protective of her son, Dudley, and is often seen scolding him for his bad behavior.

Petunia is a Muggle, meaning she does not possess any magical powers. She is very prejudiced against magic and wizards, and is often seen trying to keep Harry from using magic or associating with wizards. She is also jealous of her sister, Lily, for being a witch and having magical powers.

Despite her cold demeanor, Petunia does care deeply for her family. She was very protective of Harry when he was a baby and even allowed him to stay with her family after his parents were killed. She also tried to protect Harry from Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters when they were searching for him.

In the end, Petunia is a complex character who is both loving and protective of her family, yet also prejudiced and controlling. She is an important character in the Harry Potter series and her story helps to show the complexity of family relationships.

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