Throughout history, there have been many people who have been married multiple times. However, none have had as many husbands as Wolfe. Between 1926 and 1997, Wolfe married 29 different women, making him the record holder for the most husbands in the world.

Wolfe’s first marriage was in 1926 to a woman named Maria. After that, he married 28 more women over the course of the next 71 years. While some of these marriages remain unverified, the Guinness World Records has confirmed that this list is accurate.

Wolfe’s marriages were spread out over the course of his life, with some of them lasting for several years and others lasting for only a few months. He was known to have a penchant for younger women, and many of his wives were much younger than him.

Wolfe’s marriages were not without controversy. Many of his wives accused him of being abusive and controlling. He was also accused of taking advantage of his wives financially. Despite these allegations, Wolfe continued to marry women until his death in 1997.

Wolfe’s record of 29 husbands has yet to be broken. It is a testament to his longevity and his ability to find willing partners. While his marriages may have been controversial, Wolfe will always be remembered as the man with the most husbands in the world.

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