The Mirror of Erised is a magical object that has been a part of the Harry Potter universe since the first book in the series. In “Order of the Phoenix,” Harry Potter receives a shard of the mirror from Sirius Black, his godfather.

Sirius Black, also known as Padfoot, was a member of the Order of the Phoenix and a close friend of Harry’s parents. He was framed for the murder of Harry’s parents and sent to Azkaban prison, where he spent twelve years. After escaping, Sirius joined the Order of the Phoenix and became a mentor to Harry.

The Mirror of Erised is a powerful magical object that allows people to see their deepest desires. When Harry looks into the mirror, he sees his parents alive and well. Sirius gives Harry the shard of the mirror as a gift, telling him that it will help him find what he seeks.

Harry puts the shard in his school trunk and forgets about it until he is older. When he finally retrieves it, he discovers that it is part of a larger set of mirrors that allow people to communicate with each other. Harry uses the mirror to communicate with Sirius after his death.

The Mirror of Erised is a powerful symbol of the bond between Harry and Sirius. Sirius gave Harry the shard as a reminder that he was always there for him, even after his death. It is a reminder of the power of friendship and love, and a reminder that even in death, Sirius will always be with Harry.

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