On the morning of 10 February 1567, a shocking event occurred that would forever change the course of history. Queen Mary of Scotland had been betrayed by her husband, Lord Darnley.

Lord Darnley had been plotting against Mary for some time, and had become increasingly violent and angry towards her. He had even gone so far as to attempt to take the throne from her. This behaviour had led to a deep rift between the two, and Mary had begun to fear for her safety.

The lords of Scotland had had enough of Darnley’s behaviour and wanted him out of the way. On the morning of 10 February 1567, Darnley’s house was blown up, and he and his servant were found dead nearby.

It is believed that Darnley was betrayed by the lords, who had arranged for his murder. However, it is also possible that Darnley betrayed himself with his own actions. Whatever the case, Darnley’s death was a tragedy for Mary, who had trusted him and had been betrayed.

The betrayal of Queen Mary by her husband Lord Darnley has been remembered in history as a tragic event. It serves as a reminder of the dangers of trusting someone who is not worthy of it, and of the consequences of betrayal.

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