The Harry Potter reunion special, which aired on HBO Max on December 11, 2020, was a joyous occasion for fans of the beloved franchise. The cast of the original eight films gathered to reminisce about their time on the set and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first film.

However, a crucial cast member was missing. Michael Gambon, who played Albus Dumbledore in six films, after taking over from the late Richard Harris, didn’t appear in the reunion special at all, beyond footage from the films.

The reason for Gambon’s absence is unclear. The actor has had a long and successful career, but he has also been known to be reclusive. He rarely makes public appearances and has never done a convention or fan event.

Gambon’s absence was felt by the cast and crew, who had fond memories of working with him. Director David Yates said that Gambon was a “great Dumbledore” and that he was “very much missed” at the reunion.

The other missing cast members from the reunion were Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid), Warwick Davis (Griphook/Flitwick), and Miriam Margolyes (Professor Sprout). Coltrane has been dealing with health issues, while Davis and Margolyes have been busy with other projects.

The Harry Potter reunion was a great opportunity for fans to reconnect with their favorite characters, but it was bittersweet without some of the key players. Michael Gambon’s absence was especially noticeable, as he was a beloved part of the franchise. Here’s hoping that he can join the cast for a future reunion.