The mid-aughts saw a rise in the popularity of face tattoos, with many of the most popular rappers sporting them. Rappers such as Lil Wayne, Birdman, The Game, and Rick Ross all popularized the trend, often using the tattoos to signify various aspects of their lives.

The most common face tattoos among these rappers were teardrops and crosses. Teardrops were often used to signify a past criminal record, while crosses were used to signify faith or religious beliefs. Other popular tattoos included facial masks, stars, and other symbols.

The trend of face tattoos was met with some criticism from the public, with many people believing that the tattoos were too extreme and could not be hidden. Despite this, the trend of face tattoos continued to grow in popularity, with many more rappers, including Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, and Post Malone, getting face tattoos.

Today, face tattoos are still popular among many rappers, although the trend has also spread to other genres of music and other celebrities. Face tattoos are often used to express personal beliefs, values, and experiences, and are seen as a way to make a statement.

Overall, face tattoos have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and Lil Wayne and his peers can be credited with popularizing the trend. While face tattoos may still be seen as controversial by some, they are now widely accepted as a form of self-expression.

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