Marriage is a major life event in India, and the type of marriage chosen is an important decision. In India, there are two types of marriages: arranged marriages and love marriages. While both types of marriages have their advantages and disadvantages, arranged marriages are the most popular type of marriage in India.

Arranged marriages are those in which the families of the bride and groom decide on the marriage partners. This type of marriage is usually based on considerations such as caste, religion, financial stability, and family reputation. Arranged marriages provide equal stature, financial stability, cultural identity and the same opinions among partners and families, so, there is very less chance of disputes.

Love marriages, on the other hand, are those in which the bride and groom choose their own partners. This type of marriage is based on mutual love and understanding between the couple. Love marriages provide more freedom and independence to the couple, as they can make their own decisions. However, love marriages are not as widely accepted in India as arranged marriages, and there is a greater chance of disputes due to differences in opinions and backgrounds.

Overall, arranged marriages are the best option in India. Arranged marriages provide more stability and security to the couple, as well as a strong cultural identity. Moreover, arranged marriages are more widely accepted in India, and there is less chance of disputes. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for an arranged marriage in India.

By Influencer Magazine UK