Daud Kim, formerly known as Kim Kyun-woo and professionally as Jay Kim, is a South Korean singer, actor and Youtuber who recently converted to Islam in September 2019. The news of his conversion was shared through a YouTube video in which he expressed his joy and excitement about his new faith.

Kim has been a part of the Korean entertainment industry for many years, and his conversion to Islam has been met with both support and criticism. Many of his fans have expressed their admiration for his courage and willingness to embrace a new faith, while others have expressed their disapproval.

Since his conversion to Islam, Kim has been actively sharing his faith on his YouTube channel. He often talks about his wish to visit Makkah and Madinah, the two holiest cities in Islam. He also shares his thoughts on various topics related to Islam, such as the importance of prayer and fasting.

Kim is also active in the Korean Muslim community, and he has been involved in several projects to promote Islam in South Korea. He has also been a part of interfaith dialogues, where he has been able to share his faith with people of other religions.

Kim’s conversion to Islam has been an inspiration to many, and it has helped to raise awareness about the religion in South Korea. His story has also been an example of how one can find peace and joy in embracing a new faith. As of 15-Jan-2023, Kim continues to be an active member of the Korean Muslim community, and his YouTube channel is still going strong.

By Influencer Magazine UK