Hyderabad, India is home to the country’s only magic school, known as Hogwarts. The school, which opened in 2020, is the brainchild of two passionate magicians, Anirudh Rao and Srinivasan K.

The school offers a range of courses in magic, from beginner to advanced levels. Students can learn a variety of skills, such as levitation, mind reading, and card tricks. The school also offers workshops and lectures on the history of magic, as well as its various applications.

The school is located in a building that was once a palace. The building has been renovated to provide a magical atmosphere, with its high ceilings, intricate carvings, and stained glass windows.

The school has a variety of magical artifacts, such as wands, cauldrons, and spell books. It also has a library filled with books on magic, as well as a range of magical creatures.

The school has a strict code of conduct, which includes a dress code and a ban on the use of mobile phones. It also has a strict no-tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment.

The school has been featured in the media, including in a BBC documentary. It has also been featured in the Indian newspapers, including The Hindu and The Times of India.

The school is gaining popularity among the younger generation, who are keen to learn the art of magic. It is a unique opportunity for them to explore their creative side and develop their skills in a safe and secure environment.

The school is also a great way for adults to explore their inner magic. It is a great way to reconnect with the magical world and explore the possibilities of what can be achieved with the power of magic.

The school is a great place to learn the secrets of magic and explore the power of the imagination. It is a place where dreams can come true and where the impossible can become possible. Hyderabad’s Hogwarts is India’s only magic school and it is a place where the power of magic can be explored and experienced.

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