Mia Farrow is a well-known actress, activist, and mother of 14 children. Farrow has four biological children: twins Matthew and Sascha, and son Fletcher, who she had with her ex-husband André Previn. She also has a son, Ronan, with her ex-Woody Allen. In addition to her biological children, Farrow has adopted ten children: Lark, Summer, and Soon-Yi Previn, as well as Moses, Dylan, Tam, Thaddeus, Quincy, Frankie-Minh, and Isaiah Farrow.

Farrow is known for her philanthropic work, and her large family has been a major source of inspiration for her. She has spoken publicly about her parenting style, which she says is based on love and respect. She is a strong advocate for adoption and has been an active supporter of numerous charities.

Farrow’s large family has made her one of the most famous celebrity moms in the world. She has been featured in numerous magazines and television shows, and has been a role model for many parents. Her children have also been featured in the media, and have gone on to become successful in their own right.

Farrow’s 14 children make her the celebrity with the most kids. She is an inspiration to many parents, and her large family is a testament to her commitment to her children and her passion for adoption.

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