David Beckham, the English former professional footballer, has declared his love for India with a tattoo. Beckham, who is known for his love of tattoos, has recently added a tattoo of the Indian flag to his right forearm.

The tattoo, which is located just below Beckham’s wrist, features the Indian tricolor in the form of a circle. The three colors of the Indian flag, saffron, white and green, are all present in the tattoo. The Indian flag is also accompanied by a lotus flower, which is a symbol of purity and beauty in India.

Beckham’s tattoo is a tribute to his love for India and its culture. He has visited India several times and has expressed his admiration for the country. He has also been involved in various charitable projects in India, including helping to build a school in Mumbai.

Beckham’s Indian tattoo is not the first time he has declared his love for a country through his body art. He also has a tattoo of the English flag on his left forearm. He also has a tattoo of the United States flag on his right arm, which he got after his wife, Victoria Beckham, was born in the US.

Beckham’s Indian tattoo is a reminder of his love for the country and its culture. It is also a reminder of the strong bond he has formed with India over the years. His tattoo is a symbol of his commitment to India and its people.

By Influencer Magazine UK