Rihanna and Drake have been a part of each other’s lives since 2009, when the two first began dating. Their relationship has been on and off ever since, but they have collaborated on several hit songs together, including “Work,” “Take Care,” and “What’s My Name.”

The two first met in 2009 when Drake was featured on Rihanna’s song “What’s My Name.” The song was a huge success, and it was clear that the two had chemistry. After the release of the song, rumors began to swirl that the two were dating.

The rumors were confirmed in 2010 when the two were spotted out together in Toronto. The two were seen holding hands and looking very much in love. They were also seen together in Los Angeles and New York, further confirming their relationship.

The two continued to collaborate on music, with Drake appearing on Rihanna’s album Talk That Talk in 2011. The two also collaborated on the hit single “Take Care” in 2012.

The couple’s relationship ended in 2016, with both parties citing their busy schedules as the reason for the split. However, the two remain close friends and have collaborated on several songs since then, including “Work” and “Too Good.”

Rihanna and Drake’s relationship has been a roller coaster ride over the years, but it is clear that the two still have a strong bond. They have worked together on some of the biggest hits of the past decade, and their chemistry is undeniable. Although they are no longer a couple, their friendship and collaboration will likely continue for years to come.

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