In November 2005, a Nike advertisement featuring Brazilian football player Ronaldinho became the first video to reach 1,000,000 views, setting the stage for a new era of online video consumption. Since then, the number of views has grown exponentially, with videos now regularly reaching the billion-view mark.

The billion-view mark was first passed by the South Korean pop song “Gangnam Style” in December 2012. The music video, released by South Korean singer Psy, became an instant global sensation, quickly becoming the most-viewed video on YouTube and inspiring countless parodies and dance moves.

Since then, many other videos have joined the billion-view club, including Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”. However, on January 13, 2022, a new milestone was reached when Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” became the first video to hit 10,000,000,000 views.

The success of “Baby Shark” is particularly remarkable, given that it was originally released in 2016 as part of a series of educational videos for children. Since then, it has become a global phenomenon, inspiring countless covers, dance moves, and even its own live show.

The success of “Baby Shark” and other videos that have reached the billion-view mark shows that online video consumption is here to stay. With the rise of streaming services and the increasing availability of high-speed internet, it is likely that more videos will reach the billion-view mark in the future.

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