Steve Jobs, the iconic co-founder of Apple Inc., was known for his revolutionary ideas and forward-thinking designs. However, few people know that Jobs also suffered from a unique phobia: koumpounophobia.

Koumpounophobia is an intense fear of buttons. It is believed that Jobs’ fear of buttons may have influenced the trend towards touch screens and virtual keyboards in the design of Apple devices. This fear was first revealed in a 2004 biography of Jobs, where it was reported that he was uncomfortable with the idea of buttons on a computer.

This fear may have been a result of Jobs’ attention to detail and perfectionism. He wanted to create devices that were as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, and buttons may have been seen as a hindrance to this goal. By eliminating buttons, Jobs was able to create a more streamlined user experience.

The trend towards touch screens and virtual keyboards in Apple devices has been hugely successful. This design has been adopted by many other companies, and has become the standard for modern devices. It is likely that Jobs’ fear of buttons played a role in this trend.

Jobs’ koumpounophobia was a unique and interesting part of his life. It is likely that his fear of buttons had a significant influence on the design of Apple devices, and has helped to shape the modern tech landscape.

Emily Blunt