Johnny Depp is one of the most iconic actors of all time, having starred in some of the most beloved films of the past few decades. His career has spanned a wide range of genres, from comedies to dramas, and he has earned a great deal of money along the way. But what was his highest-paying role?

According to The Things, the answer is Alice in Wonderland. Released in 2010, the fantasy adventure film starred Depp as the Mad Hatter, and it was a huge success at the box office. It earned over $1 billion worldwide, and Depp’s salary for the film was a whopping $50 million. This makes it his highest-paying role to date.

Of course, Depp has also earned a great deal of money through the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He starred in all five films, and his total earnings from the series have been estimated at around $300 million. But this is spread out over five films, making Alice in Wonderland his highest-paying single role.

Alice in Wonderland was a huge success for Depp, and it remains his highest-paying role to date. It was a massive hit at the box office, and it earned Depp a hefty $50 million paycheck. It’s no wonder that Depp is one of the most successful actors of all time.

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