The Harry Potter series of books and films have become a global phenomenon, captivating millions of readers and viewers around the world. While the books and films have been widely praised for their creative and imaginative story-telling, many have wondered what religion, if any, is the basis for the series.

In a recent interview, author J.K. Rowling has opened up about the Christian imagery that is present throughout the books. She explained that the Christian themes are not intended to be a religious statement, but rather to create a sense of “spiritual resonance” for readers.

One of the most prominent examples of Christian imagery in the series is the Bible passage that Harry reads in Godric’s Hollow. Rowling explained that this passage, which is from the Book of Matthew, is intended to show the importance of love and sacrifice. She said that it “almost epitomizes the whole series” and is an important part of the story.

Rowling also revealed that the Christian themes in the books are often used to illustrate the power of love and how it can overcome evil. She explained that the characters in the books often have to make difficult choices between good and evil, and that love is often the only thing that can save them.

The Harry Potter series has been praised for its creative and imaginative story-telling, but it is clear that there is a deeper meaning to the books. Rowling’s comments about the Christian imagery in the books show that there is an underlying spiritual message to the series that is worth exploring. Whether readers are religious or not, the Christian themes in the books can be appreciated for their power and resonance.