The Heaviest Twins Born on Record

On February 20, 1924, Mrs. J.P. Haskin of Arkansas gave birth to the heaviest twins on record. The two babies weighed in at an astonishing 14lbs and 13lbs 12oz, totalling 27lb 12oz. This record-breaking birth weight is the heaviest ever recorded for surviving twins.

The babies, a boy and a girl, were born in the small town of Ashdown, Arkansas. The mother, Mrs. Haskin, was a local schoolteacher who had been married for only a few months before the twins were born. The father, Mr. Haskin, was a farmer and the couple had been expecting twins for some time.

The babies were delivered by a local midwife, who was surprised by the sheer size of the twins. She had never seen babies so large before and was amazed that they were able to survive the birth.

The twins were immediately taken to the local hospital for further care. Doctors and nurses were also shocked by the size of the babies and it took them several days to get them to a healthy weight.

The babies were given the names of William and Sarah and they went on to lead healthy and happy lives. They both grew up to be successful adults and went on to have their own families.

Mrs. Haskin and her husband were proud of their record-breaking twins and they often spoke of their remarkable birth weight. They were happy to have such healthy and happy children and were grateful for the care they received from the local hospital.

The record-breaking birth weight of the Haskin twins has never been surpassed and it stands as a testament to the power of modern medicine and the dedication of medical professionals. It is a remarkable story that will live on for generations to come.

By Influencer Magazine UK