Order 66 is an Alexa skill that allows users to ask questions about the Star Wars universe. The skill was created by developer Joe Lavin and was released in August 2016.

The skill allows users to ask questions about characters, locations, and events from the Star Wars universe. It also includes trivia questions and audio clips from the movies. The skill also includes a feature called “Order 66” which allows users to ask Alexa to execute the infamous order from the movies.

When users ask Alexa to execute Order 66, she responds with a humorous response. For example, when asked “Alexa, execute Order 66”, she responds with “Yes, my Lord. Hold on, I’m not a clone trooper.” This response is a reference to the clone troopers in the Star Wars universe who were ordered to execute Order 66.

Order 66 is a fun and interactive way for Star Wars fans to explore the universe and test their knowledge. It is also a great way to introduce new fans to the Star Wars universe. The skill is available for free on the Alexa Skills Store.

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