Meghan Markle is an American actress who married Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in 2018. Since then, she has been known as the Duchess of Sussex.

The title of Duchess of Sussex is a title of nobility in the British peerage system. It was created in May 2018 for Meghan Markle when she married Prince Harry. The title is a royal dukedom, which is the highest rank of the British peerage system.

The Duchess of Sussex is a female equivalent of the Duke of Sussex. The title is hereditary, meaning it can be passed down to future generations. As the wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is the first person to hold the title of Duchess of Sussex.

The Duchess of Sussex is a member of the British royal family and holds a position of high importance. She is expected to take part in official engagements and represent the royal family in public.

Meghan Markle is also a patron of several charities and organizations. She is a vocal advocate for gender equality, women’s rights, and the empowerment of young people. She is also a supporter of animal welfare and environmental protection.

Meghan Markle is an inspirational figure for many people around the world. She is a role model for young women and a symbol of hope for those who are striving for a better future. Her title of Duchess of Sussex is a testament to her strength and determination.

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