A lady-in-waiting is a female attendant to a royal or noblewoman. Historically, the role was filled by unmarried noblewomen, usually from the upper classes, who were expected to serve the queen or princess in a variety of ways. This could include anything from accompanying her on trips, helping her dress, and attending her at court.

The role of a lady-in-waiting is an honorary one, and is not typically paid. This was the case for Lady Hussey, who served Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century. Lady Hussey was not given a salary for her service, instead serving the Queen out of loyalty.

Today, the role of a lady-in-waiting is still largely an honorary one, and is not typically paid. However, some modern-day ladies-in-waiting may receive a stipend or other forms of compensation for their service.

In addition to a salary, a lady-in-waiting may receive other benefits such as free housing, travel expenses, and access to the royal court. These benefits vary depending on the country and the individual lady-in-waiting.

The role of a lady-in-waiting is an important one, and requires a great deal of dedication and loyalty. While the role is not typically paid, it is still a highly sought-after position, and those who serve in it are highly respected.

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