Today marks a somber occasion as Queen Elizabeth II is laid to rest next to her beloved husband, Prince Philip. Her Majesty will be buried wearing only two precious pieces of jewellery – her wedding band and a pair of pearl earrings.

The Queen’s wedding band is made of Welsh gold and was given to her by her father, King George VI, on her wedding day in 1947. It is a symbol of her long and loving marriage to Prince Philip, and a reminder of the devotion they shared throughout their 73 years together. The pearl earrings are a gift from the Duke of Edinburgh, and are believed to have been given to her as a token of his love and affection.

The Queen’s jewellery collection is estimated to be worth millions of pounds, but she will be buried wearing only these two items. This is a testament to the simplicity and modesty of Her Majesty’s character, and a reminder of the enduring love between her and her husband.

The Queen’s burial today marks the end of an era, and her two pieces of jewellery will serve as a reminder of the Queen’s devotion to her husband and her dedication to her country. Her Majesty will be remembered for her grace, dignity, and her commitment to service.

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