Steve Jobs was a man of many talents and an iconic figure in the tech world. He was the co-founder of Apple and was the driving force behind some of the company’s most innovative products. But there was one thing that Steve Jobs was afraid of – buttons.

In 2007, Jobs revealed his button phobia to the Wall Street Journal. He was quoted as saying, “I hate buttons. I don’t like them. I don’t like to touch them. I don’t like to look at them. I don’t like to think about them.” His phobia extended far beyond clothing buttons, ironically setting the stage for what was arguably the forward-thinking company’s most remarkable success.

Jobs’ aversion to buttons led him to create the iPhone, which has no physical buttons. Instead, it uses a touch screen interface. This was revolutionary at the time and helped to revolutionize the mobile phone industry. Jobs also implemented the same button-free design in the iPod, which was a huge success.

Jobs’ button phobia also led to the creation of the Apple TV, which was designed to be controlled with a simple remote control. The remote has no buttons, instead relying on motion sensors and voice commands. This allowed users to easily control their TV without having to fumble around with buttons.

Jobs’ button phobia was a blessing in disguise for Apple. His aversion to buttons led to the creation of some of the company’s most successful products. His fear of buttons pushed him to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions. This is a testament to his genius and why he is remembered as one of the greatest innovators of all time.

Emily Blunt