The number 5972 has a special significance for Harry Potter fans around the world. It is the number of the locomotive that pulls the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter film series. The locomotive is a preserved Great Western Railway Hall class locomotive, named Olton Hall.

The locomotive was built in Swindon, England in 1924 and was used for express passenger services until it was retired in 1965. It was then preserved and put on display at the National Railway Museum in York, England. In 2000, the locomotive was chosen to be the Hogwarts Express for the Harry Potter film series.

The locomotive was painted red and given the number 5972, which was the same number as the locomotive used in the original Harry Potter books. The locomotive has since become a symbol of the Harry Potter franchise and a beloved icon for fans of the series.

The locomotive is still preserved and can be seen at the National Railway Museum in York. It is a popular attraction for Harry Potter fans who come to visit the museum and take pictures with the locomotive.

The number 5972 is a reminder of the magic and adventure of the Harry Potter franchise. It is a symbol of the beloved locomotive that pulled the Hogwarts Express and took Harry and his friends on their magical journey.



J. K. Rowling

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