On 05-Jan-2023, Prince Harry was the center of attention when a picture of him wearing a Nazi uniform was published in the UK press. Harry was 20 years old at the time and the picture caused a great deal of controversy.

According to the New York Post, Harry asked his brother Prince William and his future wife Catherine whether he should wear the costume or dress as a pilot. The couple reportedly laughed and said the Nazi uniform.

The picture was taken at a party in 2005, and Harry was wearing a costume that included a red armband with a swastika. Harry later apologized for the incident, saying he was “very sorry if I caused any offense or embarrassment” to anyone. He also said he was “very sorry for the actual distress that this has caused.”

The incident sparked a debate about the royal family’s attitude towards Nazi symbolism. Some argued that Harry’s decision to wear the costume was a sign of ignorance, while others argued that it was simply a mistake made by a young man.

The incident also highlighted the importance of educating young people about the dangers of Nazi symbolism and the importance of understanding the historical context of such symbols.

Regardless of the controversy, it is clear that Prince Harry asked Prince William and Catherine for their opinion before wearing the costume. It is also clear that the couple’s response was to laugh and suggest the Nazi uniform.

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