What Did JK Rowling Tell Snape?

The beloved Harry Potter series has captivated readers for years, and one of the most beloved characters is Severus Snape. Fans of the series have long wondered what JK Rowling told Snape, and the answer was recently revealed in Alan Rickman’s diaries.

In a diary entry dated May 26, 2020, Rickman wrote about a conversation he had with Rowling about Snape. He wrote that Rowling told him a secret about Snape that would only be revealed to fans many years later. The secret was the meaning behind the word ‘always’.

In the Harry Potter series, Snape is often seen uttering the word ‘always’ in various contexts. It was revealed in the diaries that Rowling told Rickman that the word ‘always’ was a reference to Snape’s undying love for Harry’s mother, Lily Potter.

This secret was not revealed to fans until the release of the seventh and final book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In the book, Snape’s memories are revealed and it is revealed that he had been in love with Lily since they were children.

The revelation of this secret was a touching moment for fans of the series, as it showed the depth of Snape’s love for Lily and his dedication to protecting Harry. It also showed the power of JK Rowling’s storytelling, as she was able to keep this secret from fans for so many years.

The late Alan Rickman’s diaries are a treasure trove of information about the Harry Potter series and his work as Severus Snape. Fans of the series will be sure to treasure this insight into the beloved character and the secrets that JK Rowling shared with Rickman.



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