In his recently released book, Spare, Prince Harry opened up about his complex feelings surrounding his father’s remarriage to Camilla Parker Bowles. Harry wrote that he felt like he had been “sacrificed on her personal PR altar” and that he and his brother, Prince William, had not wanted their father to marry her.

Harry’s words paint a picture of a difficult transition period for the royal family, and for Harry in particular. He expresses his frustration at the way he was treated by the press and the public, and how he felt like he was being used to boost Camilla’s public image. He also expresses his sadness at the way his father’s remarriage affected his relationship with his mother, Princess Diana.

Harry also talks about how his father’s remarriage had a lasting impact on his relationship with his brother, Prince William. He writes that the two of them had grown apart since their father’s remarriage, and that they had not been as close as they once were.

Overall, Harry’s words in Spare provide a powerful insight into the struggles he faced during his father’s remarriage. He speaks candidly about his feelings of betrayal, sadness, and frustration, and how they affected his relationships with his family. His words are a reminder of the importance of family, and of the need to be understanding and supportive of each other during difficult times.

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