Marilyn Monroe was an enigma. She was a complex person with a multifaceted personality. By all reports, Monroe could be shy, with no self-confidence, taking drugs to keep herself on track; or a banshee screaming in anger; or so charismatic that few could resist her. Photographs prove she could be a glamour queen on the order of Marlene Dietrich, or a lost waif who resembled Shirley Temple.

Monroe’s shyness was evident from an early age. She was an introverted child who was often bullied and teased by her peers. She was also shy around adults, and often found it difficult to express her feelings. This shyness followed her into adulthood, and she often found it difficult to open up to people.

Despite her shyness, Monroe was also known for her charisma and charm. She was a master of self-promotion, and her outgoing personality made her a star. She was also a talented actress, and her performances were captivating. Her ability to captivate audiences with her beauty and charm was legendary.

Monroe’s shyness and lack of self-confidence were also evident in her personal life. She often struggled with depression and anxiety, and she was known to take drugs to cope with her inner turmoil. She was also known to be emotionally fragile, and her relationships often ended in disaster.

In the end, Monroe was a complex person who could be both shy and outgoing. She was a talented actress and a master of self-promotion, but she also struggled with depression and anxiety. Her shyness and lack of self-confidence were often seen as a weakness, but her charisma and charm were undeniable. Despite her inner turmoil, Monroe was a star who will be remembered for generations to come.

Emily Blunt

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