Is Vivien a Unisex Name?

The name Vivien has been around for centuries, and has long been associated with the Arthurian Lady of the Lake from Tennyson’s Idylls of the King of 1859. While the spelling of the name is French and masculine, it has been used as a feminine name in English speaking countries for many years.

The name Vivien has its roots in the Latin word “vivus”, which means “alive”. This is why the name is often associated with life and vitality. The name is also related to the French name Vivienne, which is a feminine form of the name.

In the Arthurian legend, Vivien is the Lady of the Lake, a powerful sorceress who helps King Arthur and his knights on their quest. She is a wise and powerful figure, and her name has been associated with strength and wisdom ever since.

In recent years, the name Vivien has become increasingly popular as a unisex name. While it is still primarily used as a feminine name, it is becoming more common to see it used for both boys and girls. This is likely due to its strong association with the Lady of the Lake, as well as its positive connotations of life and vitality.

Overall, Vivien is a strong and powerful name that can be used for both boys and girls. Its French origin and association with the Lady of the Lake make it a unique and attractive choice for parents looking for a unisex name.