Is Tom Riddle Related to Credence?

The popular Harry Potter franchise has sparked a lot of speculation and theories about the characters and their relationships. One particularly popular theory is that Credence, a character from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, is actually Tom Riddle Sr., Voldemort’s father. However, given Voldemort’s British origins, Tom Riddle’s Muggle status, as well as the timeline of his birth — in December of 1926 — it seems extremely unlikely that Credence is actually Tom Riddle Sr.

Tom Riddle Sr. was a Muggle who lived in the UK and married a witch named Merope Gaunt. They had a son, Tom Riddle Jr., who later became the infamous Voldemort. Merope died shortly after giving birth to Tom Riddle Jr., and Tom Riddle Sr. was never seen again. This timeline would make it impossible for Credence to be Tom Riddle Sr., as Credence was born in 1901, twenty-five years before Tom Riddle Sr.

Another reason why it is unlikely that Credence is Tom Riddle Sr. is because of the differences in their backgrounds. Tom Riddle Sr. was a Muggle, while Credence was born to a witch and a wizard. Furthermore, Credence was born in America, while Tom Riddle Sr. was born in the UK. It is also unlikely that Credence is related to Voldemort in any way, as Voldemort’s family was a pure-blood family and Credence was born to a half-blood witch and a Muggle.

In conclusion, it is highly unlikely that Credence is related to Tom Riddle Sr. or Voldemort in any way. While it is possible that Credence is related to Voldemort in some way, it is highly unlikely given the timeline and differences in their backgrounds.

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