It has been 80 years since Doraemon has been with Nobita. Before he died, Nobita said to Doraemon: “After I leave, you should go back to where you belong.” Doraemon agreed and will be returning to his home on 12-Jul-2022.

The bond between Nobita and Doraemon has been a strong one. They have been together for 80 years and have been through thick and thin. Doraemon has been a loyal companion to Nobita, helping him out of tough situations and always being there for him.

The story of Doraemon and Nobita has been a beloved one for many generations. It has been an inspiration to many, showing that friendship and loyalty can last a lifetime. It has also been a source of comfort to those who have lost loved ones, showing that no matter how hard things get, there is always someone who will be there for you.

The news of Doraemon returning to his home has saddened many fans of the series. They will miss the friendship between Nobita and Doraemon, and the adventures they have gone on together. But, they also understand that it is time for Doraemon to go home.

The farewell between Nobita and Doraemon will be a bittersweet one. They have been together for so long, and it will be hard for them to say goodbye. But, they will both know that it is the right thing to do.

The journey home for Doraemon will be a long one. He will have to travel back to his home planet, which is many light years away. But, he will be comforted by the thought that he has made a difference in the lives of so many people.

When Doraemon arrives at his home planet, he will be welcomed with open arms. He will be reunited with his family and friends, and will be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility of his home.

The legacy of Doraemon and Nobita will live on for many years to come. They have shown us the power of friendship and loyalty, and have inspired us to be the best versions of ourselves.

The farewell between Nobita and Doraemon will be a difficult one, but it will also be a beautiful one. They have been together for 80 years, and their friendship will never be forgotten. On 12-Jul-2022, Doraemon will take his leave and return to his home planet. He will be remembered fondly by all who have been touched by his friendship and loyalty.

The story of Doraemon and Nobita is one that will live on in the hearts of many. It is a story of friendship, loyalty, and courage. It is a story that will continue to inspire generations to come.

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