Is Alexa Always Listening?

With the rise of voice-activated virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, many people are asking the same question: Is Alexa always listening?

The answer is no. Amazon’s list of frequently asked questions says that Alexa only begins recording your conversation upon hearing the device’s wake word. This means that the device will not record anything until it hears the wake word, which is usually “Alexa.”

When Alexa does begin recording, it will record only the conversation that follows the wake word. It will not record any conversations that take place before the wake word is said.

Once Alexa begins recording, it will store the conversation in the cloud. This allows Alexa to respond to your questions and commands. The conversation will be stored for a period of time, but it will eventually be deleted.

In addition to recording conversations, Alexa can also record other audio, such as music and audio books. This audio is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time.

Overall, Alexa is not always listening, but it is always ready to listen when you say the wake word. It will then record the conversation and store it in the cloud for a period of time. This allows Alexa to respond to your questions and commands.

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