Harry Potter fans were delighted to hear that the world-famous author, J.K. Rowling, had released a new book earlier this month. The book, titled Spare, is a controversial tell-all memoir that has been met with both praise and criticism.

What was not known until recently, however, was the amount of money Harry was paid for the book. Rumors have been circulating that Harry received a whopping $20 million advance for Spare.

The rumors were confirmed when the book sold more than 1.4 million copies on its release day, surpassing the 887,000 first-day copies shifted by former President Barack Obama’s 2020 memoir to become the fastest-selling book of the year.

Harry’s success is not only due to his fame and the book’s controversial content, but also to the marketing strategy employed by his publisher. The publisher launched a massive promotional campaign, which included TV and radio interviews, social media campaigns, and a variety of other marketing activities.

It is clear that Harry’s advance was well-deserved, and that the publisher was confident in the book’s success. The book has been met with both praise and criticism, but it has certainly been a success in terms of sales.

Harry’s success is an inspiration to aspiring authors, showing that hard work and a good marketing strategy can pay off. It is also a reminder that the publishing industry is still a lucrative one, and that advances can be very generous.

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