Emma Watson is one of the most beloved stars of the Harry Potter franchise, and it turns out she’s also one of the most successful. According to reports, the actress has earned a whopping $70 million from her time in the series.

Watson’s time in the Harry Potter franchise began when she was just nine years old, when she was cast as Hermione Granger in the first movie. She went on to star in all eight of the films, and her role as the intelligent and brave witch made her a household name.

In addition to her acting salary, Watson also earned money from appearances, endorsements, and merchandising. She was the face of many of the Harry Potter products, including clothing, toys, and books.

The success of the Harry Potter franchise has been immense, and Watson’s share of the profits has been significant. She reportedly earned $15 million for the first two films, and her salary increased to $20 million for the last two. She also earned a bonus of $15 million for the final movie.

In total, Watson has earned an estimated $70 million from the Harry Potter franchise. That’s an impressive sum for any actor, let alone one who was just a child when she began.

Watson’s success in the Harry Potter franchise has been a major factor in her career. She has gone on to star in other films, including Beauty and the Beast and Little Women, and has become a successful businesswoman. She is now worth an estimated $80 million, and her net worth is only expected to increase in the coming years.

It’s clear that Watson’s time in the Harry Potter franchise has been incredibly lucrative. She has earned an impressive $70 million from the series, and her success has opened up many doors for her. Watson is now one of the most successful and recognizable actresses in the world, and it’s all thanks to her time in the Harry Potter franchise.