Human stampedes are chaotic and dangerous events that can cause serious injury or death. Crowd management experts have studied the causes of stampedes in order to help prevent them from occurring. They have found that stampedes often begin when people in front of a group reach a barrier of some form and stop moving or slow down their pace, while those behind (and who cannot see in front) keep moving, assuming those in front will make space.

When the people in the back of the group do not realize that those in front have stopped, they continue to push forward, creating a wave of pressure that can quickly become overwhelming. This wave of pressure can cause people to become panicked and desperate to escape, resulting in a stampede.

Stampedes can also be caused by a sudden loud noise or a perceived threat, such as a fire or an attack. People in the crowd may become scared and try to flee, resulting in a stampede.

In order to prevent stampedes, crowd management experts recommend that barriers be placed in large crowds and that people be given clear instructions on what to do in an emergency. They also suggest that crowd sizes be limited and that crowd control personnel be present to help keep people calm and organized.

By understanding the causes of stampedes, it is possible to take steps to prevent them from occurring. This can help ensure that large crowds remain safe and that people are not injured or killed in a stampede.

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