J.K. Rowling is the author of the beloved Harry Potter series, which has become one of the most successful and beloved book series of all time. But how did she come up with the idea for the series?

The answer lies in a fateful train ride in 1990. Rowling was travelling from Manchester to London King’s Cross when she was delayed by a power outage. During this delay, she began to think of a young boy who discovers he is a wizard and is sent to a school of magic. This was the beginning of the Harry Potter series.

Over the next five years, Rowling began to plan out the seven books of the series. She wrote detailed outlines for each book, and created a complex and detailed magical world for Harry and his friends to inhabit. She also wrote detailed backstories for the characters, and developed a complex plot that would span the entire series.

Rowling’s meticulous planning paid off, as the Harry Potter series became a global phenomenon. The books have sold over 500 million copies, and have been adapted into a series of blockbuster films. The series has become beloved by fans of all ages, and has spawned a host of spin-off books, films, and merchandise.

It all began with a single train ride in 1990. Rowling’s creative spark during that delay has led to one of the most successful book series of all time.

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