The question of whether Kim and Usman have slept together has been a topic of much speculation in recent weeks. On February 21, Usman abruptly told Kim that they were going to have sex that night. The announcement came as a surprise to Kim, who had been dealing with a recent issue between the two of them.

Usman explained to cameras that he wanted to take a step forward in their relationship, despite the recent drama. He said that he wanted to make sure that the sex didn’t become the end of their relationship.

Kim was initially hesitant, but eventually agreed to Usman’s proposal. The two then proceeded to have sex that night, with Usman making sure to be gentle and respectful. Afterward, the two discussed their relationship and agreed to move forward together.

Since then, Kim and Usman have been seen out together on multiple occasions, suggesting that they are still together. While it is unclear if they are in a committed relationship, it is clear that the two have at least slept together.

It is likely that the two will continue to be seen together in the future, and it is possible that they may eventually become a couple. For now, however, it appears that Kim and Usman have at least slept together.

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