On Saturday night, Prabha Devi made history as the world’s oldest mother after giving birth to a baby girl via C-section. Devi, who is 75 years old, welcomed her first child into the world at Kinker Hospital in Rajasthan, India. The baby weighed just 1lb 5oz at birth.

Devi had been trying to conceive for many years, but was unable to due to her age. She was determined to have a child and decided to undergo IVF treatment in order to do so. After a successful round of IVF, Devi was able to conceive and carry the baby to term.

Devi’s doctors have stated that both mother and baby are in good health, despite the baby’s low birth weight. Devi’s daughter is currently in the NICU, where she is being monitored and cared for.

Devi’s story has been making headlines around the world, as she is the oldest mother to ever give birth. While her age may have posed a challenge, Devi was determined to have a child and was able to do so with the help of modern medical technology. Her story is an inspiration to many, and a reminder that age should not be a barrier to achieving one’s dreams.

By Influencer Magazine UK