Despite reports that Kylie Jenner and Tyga have broken up, Tyga still has a tattoo of her name on his arm. The tattoo, which is inked in black cursive font, was first spotted in April 2016 when the couple was still together.

The couple, who had been dating since 2014, split in April 2017, and the tattoo has become a source of speculation ever since. Some have speculated that Tyga has kept the tattoo as a reminder of their relationship, while others have suggested that he has not had it removed because of the cost of laser tattoo removal.

Tyga has yet to comment on the tattoo, but it is clear that he still has it. The tattoo is visible in several of his Instagram posts, and he has been photographed with it on multiple occasions.

Despite the speculation surrounding the tattoo, it appears that Tyga is still fond of it. He has not made any moves to have it removed, and it appears that he is still proud to display it.

It is unclear if Tyga still has feelings for Kylie, or if he is simply keeping the tattoo as a reminder of their time together. Whatever the reason, it is clear that Tyga still has the tattoo, and it is likely to remain a source of speculation for some time to come.

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