Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute have been at odds since the beginning of the hit show The Office. Jim is the prankster who loves to make Dwight’s life difficult, while Dwight is the uptight and serious office manager who takes his job very seriously. But despite their differences, it’s clear that Jim cares about Dwight.

In the episode “Counseling”, Jim showed Dwight compassion when he was banned from entering a store based on how he was dressed. Jim could have easily laughed at Dwight’s misfortune, but instead he took the time to help him out. He took Dwight shopping and helped him pick out some nice clothes to show the store owner what he was missing. This was a gesture of kindness that Jim didn’t need to do, but it proved that he had a soft spot for Dwight.

Jim has also been known to stick up for Dwight when other people are trying to take advantage of him. In the episode “The Duel”, Jim steps in to protect Dwight from a scam artist who was trying to sell him a fake Rolex. Jim was willing to risk his own safety to protect Dwight, which is a clear sign that he cares about him.

It’s clear that Jim cares about Dwight, even if he doesn’t always show it. Jim is often seen teasing Dwight and playing pranks on him, but it’s clear that these are all done out of love. Jim knows that Dwight is a good person, and he wants to make sure that he is taken care of. So the next time you see Jim and Dwight arguing, remember that deep down, Jim really does care about Dwight.

Emily Blunt