Does Emily Marry Alison?

The answer is yes! After a long and winding road, Emily and Alison finally tied the knot. The two first met in high school and quickly developed a close bond. Emily was the first to come out as a lesbian and Alison followed shortly after.

The two were in a relationship for several years, but eventually broke up due to their different life paths. Emily moved to California and Alison stayed in Rosewood. However, their love for each other never faded.

When Emily returned to Rosewood, she and Alison reconnected and soon found out that Alison was pregnant with Emily’s twins. Emily and Alison decided to become a family and raise the girls together. After the birth of the twins, Emily and Alison admitted their love for each other and Alison proposed to Emily.

The two were married two years later and Emily moved to Beacon Heights University with Alison, where the show PLL: The Perfectionists was set. Emily and Alison have been happily married ever since and their family continues to grow.

Overall, Emily and Alison’s love story is one of the most beautiful and inspiring stories in the PLL universe. It’s a testament to the power of love and how it can bring two people together, no matter the circumstances.